Odd flicker with cove / under cabinet lighting?

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  • I've got a strange issue with cove/under cabinet lighting. I'm getting these odd flickers that seem very specific square or rectangle shapes.

    There's no co-planar surfaces.

    There's no architecture/objects past the face of the affected walls. In other words, the squares showing up aren't related to anything beyond the wall.

    This happens with both IES or standard Enscape lights.

    I'm running 2.6.0 11215.

    Here's a video showing the issue. Starts happening at around the 15sec mark.

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    AaronLandon , welcome to our forum and thanks for your post. Can you kindly share the link to your video again? Also, please definitely make sure that you're running our latest release (Enscape 2.7.2) and that you upgrade your graphics card drivers.