Where is the database

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  • When you click on an object in the library, it downloads the element and places it into your project.

    It must be possible to access this database from Dynamo as well..
    Could you please show me how this database is setup and how to reach it...
    It would make things so much more easy if we could access the database directly from Dynamo.


  • Hey Arno, with database, do you mean a list of Revit families?

    The Revit asset families are created on the fly inside your project when you place an asset, based on a json file. So there is no place where the families exist.

    You could use python in dynamo to read the json files that contain the information that is used to create the families, but you'd have to construct the placeholder geometry yourself which is going to require good knowledge of the Revit shape builder api (and you will need to deserialize the info as well).

    What would be your intent with dynamo?

  • OKe so there are no families... only json files, and the families are created by enscape...

    And only when you want to render with enscape.. it gets the object through the code in the placeholder

    and where de the json files live, maybe there is some interesting info in it

    and is there a way to tricker enscape to place objects through dynamo