Bump and displacement map

  • Hi everybody,

    I use enscape since 3 months and i would like to use displacement map.

    I try to change bump map to normal map but nothing change.

    On my texture i've the shadow but i don't have relief.

    Je searched on the forum and i seen an other solution. Change the name of normal map like this "texture wood_n" to explain at enscape it's a normal map. But the same. I don't have relief.

    What is the process exactly ?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Timoxy - I thought I had replied to your inquiry already. I must have been distracted whilst drafting the initial response. So apologies for that.

    It would be advised that Normal maps should contain RGB data to work when Normal Map is selected, and just renaming a height or bump map (black and white values are generally preferred here, although Enscape does take care of this for you), with _n, will not work as expected, as there is no RGB data. That doesn't mean to say you would not be able to load such a map into the Normal map slot, but the results would not be what you expect.

    So, this is not actually displacement of geometry, and when real-time rendering engines say they are using displacement, then this is more likely parallax mapping. But, that is different to Normal Maps

    If you want more background info on different types of mapping, the wikipedia page on Displacement Mapping is a good place to start.