Why the material setting missing every time when I re-open enscape?

  • I'm trying sketchup 2020 trial with enscape trial.

    First I set the enscape material, such as Bump and Reflections at my project, then open enscape rendering screen, it works and my project looks very nice!

    but if I closed the enscape rendering screen then open again, the settings in enscape material was suddenly missing (include the images of Bump and Reflections), I need to reupload every time and it is too annoying.

    Did anyone konw where is the problem? is my computer or the trial softwaer? thanks!;(

  • Welcome to our forum shan , I'm sorry to hear about this.

    This should be unrelated to the trial itself, so in that regard, please briefly send in a feedback report as described here:

    Then, in the submission form, simply include a link to this thread for reference. Thanks a lot in advance! :)

    Also, does this problem persist in any project of yours?