Asset Library List

  • 33mansoori - Providing a PDF for Assets would require maintenance.

    We have a team of 3D artists who are working to create as many new high quality assets as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.

    I can advise that you should allow all the Thumbnails to load in the Asset Library at least once before closing the Asset Library, as this will create a local version meaning that thumbnails will load quicker the next time you open the Asset Library,

    The same thing happens to the heavy geometry once it is placed and rendered once in Enscape, a local version is then available.

    This should hopefully speed things up for you, and changes to improve all this will be coming.

  • 33mansoori - that behavior sounds like you have not allowed all asset thumbnails to load once in the Asset Library before closing the Asset Library. I tested this, just to make sure, and also restarted SketchUp and Enscape, and once I had allowed the assets thumbnails to load once, then scrolling up and down in the Asset Library results in the thumbnails from the local cache being used, and they are instantly displayed.

    If you create a PDF, you will have to maintain it, and also account for Assets that may get updated or removed, new assets. This is why we are not providing this, as its resource heavy, and if you follow the above instructions, a PDF should not be required.

    If you continue to have this behavior after allowing all thumbnails to load once, then can you provide a video of this.

    The only other thing I can think of that might affect this, is if you are connecting via Wi-fi. If so, switch to a cable connection, as its faster and more stable than Wi-fi.