Can’t we all get along? Why the breakup with Archvision RPC?

  • Alright, so we'll do the following:

    For v2.8, the RPC support for Revit will stay as it is.

    We will try to improve the experience and compatibility starting with 2.9 but will take care that it won't be compatibility breaking.

    Thank you Thomas, I think this should help us with the transition. I recognize Archvision's content & software are buggy and have lagged behind the industry for years now, but they were the first in Revit, so there are some entrenched workflows that will need some time to adjust.

  • ArchiVision content should still be supported even with Enscape 2.9 - BSG and joeykeys , could you imagine eventually unsubscribing from ArchVision, or is a corresponding Enscape compatibility a must for you? If so, can you perhaps let me know why? :) Of course, because you still want to use objects provided by ArchVision, so I reckon you can't find these objects in our Asset Library yet? Perhaps you have some specific requests regarding what we could add to our Asset Library so that I can forward these accordingly?