Enscape crashes when adjusting Horizon brightness

  • Ive been having Enscape crash consistently every time i try to adjust the Horizon brightness. I'm using the latest version (2.7.2) and i just updated my graphics driver. ive been having this problem for a while, i just havent used Enscape in a couple months. i want to say the last version that worked for my was enscape 2.5.2 and I was happy to stick with that for a while, but I upgraded sketchup to 2020 and now i cant roll back. I also tried turning of the RTX checkbox in general settings, no luck.

    anyone else ever have this issue??

    My hardware
    2017 Imac Pro 27"
    Radeon 580 8gb

  • askoregonlibrarys - as you have an AMD card, turning off RTX wont affect this, as that only affects NVIDIA GPU's.

    Are you using official AMD drivers, or the bootcampdrivers?

    It might be worth you submitting some log files to us via the Enscape Feedback button, as they may contain some indicators as to the cause, but will also show us what GPU drivers you have installed.