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  • I currently use a Radeon Pro WX7100 in my work computer. I have had a couple issues in the past with Enscape that Nvidia users haven't had and seem to have another one pop up recently within the last few Preview updates. I don't exactly know what version caused it, as I've mostly been working from home for the past 4 months.

    I have updated all my GPU drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled a few of the latest versions of Enscape. I still get my bug. My home computer has a 1080ti in it, and I've been trying to troubleshoot between the two and I haven't been successful. Everything seems to work on my home computer. No issues with different files, file sizes, versions, etc. So it must be a AMD thing.

    My bug:
    When I'm on my work computer, I go to move the camera position in the Enscape window, the enscape lights seem to de-render. They vanish and my scene goes dark. As soon as I stop moving the window, the lights seem to slowly render back in. I figured it would be just a preview window bug. So I go to export a video and they disappear just like in the preview window. My whole video is dark and the lights never seem to render in.

    • Official Post

    Ryan , I'm sorry to hear about that - in this case it would definitely be great to receive a feedback report - plus, if you have the chance you can gladly share the video with us, or a video in which you show us this behavior side by side, Enscape next to the viewport output of SketchUp itself. That could prove itself very useful in troubleshooting this - if you want, you can also gladly share the project itself with us (via and you can simply include a link to the project in the submission form of your feedback report).

    Thanks a lot in advance!