Skybox and true noth

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    It seems that the skybox direction do not turn with changing a project true north. This is causing an issue with linked models. When I have a landscape with a linked building the skybox is correct. However when I open the linked project the rotation is wrong.

    I realize that I can workaround this by rotate the skybox within the linked model to correct for this issue, but would it be possible to have the skybox follow true north rotation?

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    3DMake , I'm afraid, at least at the moment this is not possible so I can gladly file this as a feature request. You should be able to fine-tune the rotation until it's fitting though and then save the settings. Or do you experience any problems with that? In any case, your wish will be forwarded.

  • I have no problem rotating it until it fits. However in my workflow, I'm often switching between linked revit files.

    I have one model for topography, and often several links for various buildings. Each time I open the building model I need to readjust or load settings to have the rotation set correct.

    The new feature with linking visual settings to views should make this easier, however it seems that this setting does not load panoramas automatically. Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong.