External Model to Archicad

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    1. Are there plans to have the External Model on Archicad? It would be very useful to have the option of using external objects, edited in Sketchup on Archicad, as if it were a proxy, it would eliminate the problem of lack of objects for archicad with a solution coming from Enscape. It opens up the possibility of making much better renders within Archicad. Or have the possibility to set up an edited library that can be used on both platforms. I know that Enscape has a library with many objects, but there are many specific models of local brands that we need to use. I'm sure they are complicated things to do, but it would be of great use, especially for users of Archicad and Revit.
  • vzsegala , we'll provide a dedicated function with 2.9 to allow you to import your own models into our Asset library! :) I reckon this would be what you're looking for instead of having linked models like in SketchUp for example? If you want to add any additional feedback please also let me know.

  • That's great! Can objects imported and edited by Sketchup be used in Archicad? Will the object library appear the same in both software? Will texture maps also be saved? This would be of great help to anyone using Archicad or Revit.

  • The idea is having the ability to import external content into the Asset Library, but not directly through SketchUp for example - but, in this case this also means that you should be able to use these imported objects in any CAD solution. :)