Question about License and Web views

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  • Hello there. I got a question about how the Web-Standalone file is tied to the License.


    I have a standard fixed seat license and no floating license since its what we bought before corona.

    Are the Web-Standalones tied to the license? Or will the one I created at home be unavailable when I deactivate my license there and activate it at work?

    Thanks for clarification. Wanted to ask before I cause inconveniences for our clients x)

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    Kristof95 , thanks for your great question. :)

    At the moment, the Web Standalones are actually tied to the machine only - this will change with 2.9! Then, the Web Standalones and Panoramas will get their own portal for management, plus they will be tied to the corresponding license. I hope this won't be too much of an inconvenience in the meantime.