Blurry video

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  • Hello,

    I've seen that this subject has been adressed already, but I couldn't find any correct walkaround to fix my issue.

    I am rendering a video for a client showing a new neighborough.

    The model in sketchup is pretty heavy (around 300 Mo) mostly due to the buildings geometry (inherited from various sources). All the other assets (people, furniture, trees, etc...) are Enscape objects.

    My problem is that I could not find any way to get a sharp image while rendering a video, whatever the settings (resolution, quality, fps, compression...).

    All blur options are desactivated (DOF also), and the still renderings or the "live window" are perfectly sharp and detailed.

    Is there any option to get this better (even at the cost of an increased render time) ?

    What are the various factors leading to this issue (is this related to the quantity of objects, the size of the project area, the quality of the graphig card) ? So I can try to find a way to resolve this...

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answers !

    Regards, Clem

  • Hi Clem,

    To have a reference to what the quality is, could you send me the video file via a link over, whereby you will be provided with a URL that you will then have to email back to me so I can grab that file? You can send it to and additionally simply include a link to this thread for reference.

    In the meantime you could also select the "Lossless" option in the Capture tab under the Video Compression Quality, then afterward you can put the lossless rendered images together into a video to see if that makes any difference.

  • Thanks for your answer Rick, I'm sending you the file.

    Actually I'm facing another issue, as I can't figure how to properly render a PNG sequence...

    Enscape is overriding the same PNG file for each frame rendered. Am I messing up something in the setup, or is it an issue from the last preview version (I'm using 2.8.0 preview 7+25260) ?

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    Clem B , you're not doing anything wrong, thanks a lot for catching this issue since I was able to reproduce it myself! Our developers were already able to find the cause behind it, this will be fixed for the upcoming release soon. In the meantime, give it another try with our latest release if you like instead.