Scope box - working and not working

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  • I have a project and have set a few favorite views

    These views use a scopbox..

    When i go from view to view... the scope box is ignored.. only the scope box from the original view you started your export in is holding..

    But when you do a batch render.... then the scopeboxes are used and the export is correct.

    only downside is that sometimes you want to adjust the view in enscape first.

    Please fix that when in enscape en you go to a different view...that the sectionboxes are respected as in the batch print.

  • This is a present limitation. Favorited views save camera and time of day. Other view properties (phase, detail, design option, section box, etc) are ignored and rely on the view that is the active document. Feature has been requested. It may take a while for hardware to catch up. In the meantime you'll have to manually change the active document.