Grass acting weird and How to make a waterfall

  • Hello everyone

    I've been using Enscape for the last couple of months and I'm very impressed with it capabilities and how much easy and practical it is. You guys are doing a great job.

    For the first time today I found something weird in the grass. It is passing through a little wall and showing up on the other side. I tried changing the texture of the grass but it didn't solve the problem.

    I also need to make a waterfall, and I have no idea how, or even if it is possible. Does Enscape work with some kind of proxy or something like that? Would work if I just add a water material to a vertical plane or something?


  • So far, applying water to a vertical surface is the best option. Although it's not very realisticly looking because the water is designed to be horizontal. That's something to be improved!

    dsmith86 is right: The best solution for this kind of grass bleeding is to add an offset. Either geometrical (check if the green surface continues under the white border - it should not, even better is that it stops a bit earlier) or by using the materials: Keep a green stripe without grass before the white border.

  • Hi Folks. please get this vertical water glitch fixed. Really need to be able to get Vertical water from Enscape. without going into photoshop.

    Already added your vote to the topic to allow vertical water - it's not particularly a bug, it's just not supported yet I'm afraid.