Curated list of computer specs by admin and users

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  • Hi,

    wouldn’t be nice to make some sort of a list along with grades for graphic cards, processors, memory etc., by everyone who want to contribute , and also you at Enscape ?

    It could be a good idea for people like me who are overwhelmed and can’t decide what to get to do our jobs.

    The article in the kb isn’t enough for me and I’m mostly afraid to buy stuff which is not powerful enough (I don’t need a top of the notch GC or CPU though) or worst, something that is not compatible.

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    dunnno , I like the idea, but when it comes to graphics cards (which is the most important part for Enscape) i'd recommend to do some dedicated research by, for example, simply looking up which graphics cards are ranked from least to most powerful, see (among many other sites):

    I hope this helps already. As we mention in the System Requirements article, "If your CPU and RAM are capable of handling Revit, for instance, and you have a capable GPU, Enscape should work." - so it really boils down to the GPU after all, and in most cases 4-8 GB of RAM is plenty, plus as said, the CPU is in 90% of the cases not the bottleneck, again especially if the project can be handled fine in the main CAD solution. :)

    I hope this helps! If you have a hard time deciding between a few graphics cards (or perhaps even CPU's), and you can let me know your budget I will also happily assist you further.

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    Not bad at all! If you have more of a budget, then of course a laptop with a RTX 2060 (Super) or RTX 2070 (Super) will offer even better performance, especially for VR. If you don't plan to use VR soon, or just in light projects, then this laptop should also be suitable. :)

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    I have no use of VR. So i'm all good ?

    Sure! You're all set with this laptop. :)