Missing textures

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  • So, I've run into this issue before, but its exacerbated in this particular model.

    I've imported some google earth data to SketchUp from Blender via an FBX export and then Transumtr. The the textures are all located on my network drive and are easily accessed by SketchUp and other programs. They are visible in the SketchUp file as well but when I render in Enscape, the model is white because the materials are missing in Enscape and I can't force the program to find them so I have to manually re-link each material individually.

    This is fine when its one or two materials, but when I'm dealing with 100+ materials like this scene, its incredibly time consuming and makes it difficult to work with.

    The scene and textures can be downloaded here: https://drive.google.com/drive…Z0s2Qp4DVwYGU?usp=sharing

    Im not sure how your pathing system works, but it would be really helpful if, when collecting resources at render time Enscape checks the local file folder for the associated assets. V-Ray has this feature and it is a life saver when dealing with larger files. A Pack scene function would also be very useful.

    Thanks guys!

    SketchUp 2018

    Enscape 2.8 - Preview 8

    Windows 10

    GPU Drivers Updated - 070620

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    Ted.Vitale , thank you very much for your feedback. The ability to more easily link textures to a scene in Enscape through SketchUp (through a file path editor for example) is a feature request already on our agenda - we plan on providing such a solution in the future, no ETA just yet though.