Pack Scene

  • It would be really handy to have a "Pack Scene" Functionality.

    We're finding it more and more difficult to work in Enscape (for SketchUp) as a remote team. With Covid-19 in full swing across the globe our teams have been working from home on their personal computers. The problem is, our assets are all on office computers and there's no way to remotely access the server, so sharing complex models is becoming more and more difficult. When we need to share the file and all assets, on the new computer, we have to manually re-link our proxies and textures, and with very large models, this is extremely problematic (see attached image for the scale were currently working in). The only other option would be to keep all modeled assets in SketchUp and that bloats the scene file into the GB range in some cases.

    A way to quickly pack all the non-Enscape assets would be incredibly useful and invaluable during the pandemic and moving forward with more teams working remotely.

    I hope this makes sense, and if you have any questions about the feature I've outlined above please feel free to ask.


  • So the result would be an archive file with all the required SKP files in it, properly linked to each other?

    Yes, exactly! An archive file is a good way to describe it.

    I can always share the .exe with clients, that will have everything in it, but If I need to share the full scene with proxies and materials and bumpmap textures etc, with a team member, off network, we currently have to collect those resources manually, pack it up, send it over, and then re-link everything once on the new computer and hope we didnt miss anything! Its a painfull process at the moment, but one an archive system would help tremendously.

    It would also help when sharing filed with you and the support team so you get a full picture of the project when opening a scene.

  • But isnt that a SketchUp functionality rather than an Enscape feature? At least there seem to be other people that have the same challenge:…-export-possible/101528/5

    Yes, the texture its-self is in-sketchup but the linking to the Bump/Normal/Reflection/Transparency mapping is handled by Enscape so if I share a sketchup file with those assets, theyre not included in the file. Same for the custom linked models.