Panoramas on browser - Black Screen

  • Hi all,

    We got a visualization issue, on some devices we get a black screen when trying to open the panorama views that are uploaded on the cloud. It happens on a desktop+chrome (we tried with explorer on the same computer and it worked) and on an Iphone+chrome/safari.

    We would like to share this views with clients and consultants but at this point we don't want to risk the person receiving the link would not be able to see it.

    Wondering if anybody else had a similar thing.

    Thank you

  • Rovio I'm sorry to hear that! The panorama functionality uses JavaScript. So if JavaScript is disabled in a browser it won't work.

    On iOS devices, there is a global switch for allowing JavaScript. If this one is deactivated it won't work in any browser on this device.

    maybe this link can help you: