Reflection problem

  • SO GLAD we now have wind and carpets.. if only we could have something as basic as reflections tho... how many years will it take ?

    Look at the attachment below, the railing is reflecting the horizon, but does not consider the forest around it.... I mean my clients thought it was a double tinted glass.... happens almost every project, mirrors, stainless noise, disappearing lights and objects in reflection....

    Only work around is to set specular at the lowest but what you got after is a reflectiveless glass and I mean we all know that it equals to nothing so..

  • benjaminriendeau , may I ask, you are using the Forest horizon preset, or are you referring to one which you've modeled yourself?

    Pardon, but I've also set this thread to resolved since there are quite a few other ongoing discussions when it comes to the limitations of real-time reflections in Enscape. Please kindly refer to them when it comes to this behavior, but again, it would of course be interesting to know if the horizon itself was not reflected accordingly.