Enscape Asset Creator: New version (1.3)

  • Hey,

    I finished the new version of the unofficial Enscape Asset Creator! You can download it here .

    New features include:

    • Browse your library from the creator
    • The asset creator will now take care of the folder management and file naming for you. You no longer have to use windows explorer to create folders and subfolders.
    • Instant search
    • See thumbnails
    • Thumbnails are now automatically down-sampled to 256x256px (to keep your Enscape library fast).
    • Statistics are shown like outline polycount, gltf size and texture size. The statistics will color red if they are exceeding the recommended limits*.
    • Delete assets (careful, there's no undo)
    • Guids are now read-only and automatically created
    • Remembers the location of your last loaded library for quick loading.
    • Remembers the location of your last loaded asset (gltf, obj and thumbnail) for quick navigation
    • See the total number of assets in the library
    • Loading bar when opening large libraries
    • For advanced users: a details panel with the json code, guid and a button to open the asset location in windows explorer (for advanced users)
    • Better error handling with error messages (let me know if you still run into issues)

    Known issues (let me know which ones are deal breakers)

    • There's no way to set the units for the outline (for now you still have to use meters, but most of the code for unit support is done, it just has to be exposed in the UI)
    • The UI can be a bit glitchy in some cases, especially the library list. I'm looking into switching to a different UI framework.

    Special thanks

    • To the Enscape team for their continued support
    • Steven Campell for sharing UI mockups
    • For the people who helped betatest (Ariel Amador León and others)

    let me know in this topic if you like it and whether you run into any issues.

    *The suggested limits are 500 polygons for the placeholder, 5mb for gltf and 5mb for textures. I'm happy to adjust these based on the feedback from the Enscape team (or the user community). In the meantime, you can customize the recommended limits in the Asset Creator.exe.Config file.

  • thats interesting - thanks

    would be super if you could implement a feature or info in the tutorial on how to prepare custom vegetation for the vertex animation wind effect :)

    win 10 | 2080ti | dual xeon w2687w | 128gig ram | asus mainboard | ssd | htc vive | asus proart 4k monitor

    modelling stuff with sketchup, drawing stuff with vectorworks, rendering with cinema4d r20 + corona render & now of course, enscape :)

    but best of all > experiencing stuff in VR with enscape !!

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  • You need to upload at least one .gltf and one . Bin at the same time. Could you send a screenshot of what files you are adding?

    Also, enscape has a first beta of their official enscape creator out. You might want to give that one a try, because this workaround will not work with enscape upcoming release unfortunately.

  • Anyone experiencing this issue : when rendering in Enscape, the assets are white - no texture applied ? I had all the texture files and uploaded them in the Asset Creator dialogue. Do I need to run the tool with admin rights, or something ?

    Thanks !

  • Hey Paul,

    A common issue is having spaces in the textures. The spaces need to be removed before you export to gltf. So renaming the textures after exporting to gltf will not work.

    However, I recommend downloading the last preview release (preview 4) which has an official Enscape Asset creator (no longer a workaround made by the community). That should have much broader support and will also allow you to import .fbx or .obj.