Make flat surface render as 3D with texture?

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  • I am not sure if this is possible, but can I by example create a square in Sketchup and say that this surface is a wood cladding with shapes/3D and texture?

    This would help a lot as the models becomes complex its hard to work in, and would be better if one could just have this when rendering. Right now I have drawn each cladding board and put them together. But drawing just a thick square would be much easier.

  • I think what you are searching for are called "displacement maps". Which are, unlike normal and bump maps, not yet supported by Enscape (yet).

    Read more about these kinds of maps here.

    Long story short, you will have to either use normal or bump maps to recreate the 3d look which in alot of cases do a nice trick or still model it yourself.

    Edit: you probably already know it, but after you have copied one cladding board from your example, and you hit *3 for instance, it will copy itself till factor 3 with the exact same distance etc.