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  • Hi there,

    I have currently noticed that the majority of the assets (furniture) look a lot lighter in the asset library than when is placed in Revit.

    Its hard to see but the sofa at the end of the living room is the same as the second image and it seems lot darker in my model.

    I had the same issue with baskets, bed and chairs.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Also can we add a different material for these library? Would great if we at least could change colours as everything is very dark.

  • Hi JuliaH03

    Welcome to the Enscape Forum and thanks for your request.

    The preview images in our library are made with the exact same models/ textures/ materials as the ones in the viewport.

    The only difference is the light condition that is always up to everyone's choice compared to the setup in the preview image that is using a white surrounding and a balanced lighting.

    We do our best to create the previews in a most accurate way.
    Let's see if we can even do it even better in the future.

    Best Regards


  • Hi JuliaH03 , and just to add a visual example:

    The first rendering on the left displays the couch in direct sunlight, the second on the right is showing the couch only with the available indoor lighting and of course the indirect light coming from the outside, but as you can see, this can dramatically affect the color as mentioned by Adrian. :)

    In your case you may simply add a few more lights to the scene, or let the sun shine in, and/or increase the artificial light brightness of the existing indoor lights using the slider (also labeled "artificial light brightness") in the Atmosphere tab of the Visual Settings.

    This should generally help with any unwanted darkness of your scene/materials.