Glass, glass, glass

  • Ok. I'm interested in Enscape, but if the support is that, it could be better leave now...

    Is anyone who tell my somethings about glass?

    - I'm wrong?

    - It's still a beta?

    - That's the way Ensacpe manage glass...

    Thank you


  • Ciao Toscano,

    just to check your glass settings in your Material. Can you post a small VW file, please.

    Maybe together we can work out a solution until VW receive fully support from the enscape guys.

    Best regards, Hans

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  • Ciao Hans!

    First of all, THANK YOU for you reply: I do appreciate it so much!

    Here's the VW file and some screenshot of the Octane render about the file sent to C4D as it is, without conversion VW materials into Octane materials.

    So, as you can see, the glass (very very coarse) shows the refraction...

    Plus, any displacement or bump and shadow cast, (Enscape) is rendered.



  • Ciao Toscano,

    I am sure, its a disapointment what you see in the attached file. I am afraid.

    Its a workaround

    But i guess, we have to take the situation like it is, currently. Lets hope for the support, after October, when Enscape is not more for free for VW user.

    Beste regards,



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    Revit - Vectorworks - Rhino - ArchiCAD - AutoCAD

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  • Ciao Hans!

    Thank you again for your reply and modified file.

    I do understand what do you mean about the support. I think you right!

    But, now, I have to choose my NEW workflow that means upgrade videocard, pc's and - of course - the sw.

    My render App, is c4d and Octane render and you could understand what a pain to trash 25 years of model and textured models...

    The current version of VW cannot manage meshed obj, like sofa, bed and so on. So I've to try and try and try again.

    Of course I know that Enscape is THE FUTURE, because it doesn't make sense - TODAY - waiting minutes and minutes for a SINGLE render shot (although it is so much realistic) or hours for a short animation... I know. And the VR too, is a good reason to migrate to Enscape, but I 've be pragmatic... hope you'll understand!

    Anyway, thanks alot for you support, Hans!

    Have a nice day


    PS I've just installed the 2.8 rel. I wonder what about material editor and asset window...

  • Hey Toscano,

    There is nothing wrong with your file nor the glass material.

    You unfortunately ran into a limitation when using both the integrated Renderworks and Enscape at the same time.

    Using both at the same time and changing materials can sometimes cause issues with the material in either one of them because they rely on the same data in the background. Objects then show up in Enscape as white and in Renderworks as black.

    For Enscape you should be able to close and reopen the renderer to get it working again if this happens.