Impatient Student License

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  • Hey Enscape Team,

    Late last week I'd applied for a renewal student license. Mine actually expired today and also the 2.8 update is out now :O , the timing! How long do I have to wait. Sorry for being impatient, I was shocked when I saw the update.

    On top of that. Is the new update compatible for Revit 2021.

    Thanks for reading this,


    • Official Post

    Hi! Just send me your educational e-mail via a private message directly in this Forum (or e-mail which you've used to reapply in general), and I can manually approve the renewal. :)

    • Official Post

    License has been renewed, the key has been resent your e-mail! Enjoy and a warm welcome to our forum by the way! Don't hesitate to also share some of your renderings in our showcase section anytime:


    Have a great day further!