Additional Export Layers

  • Ok time to make an official thread!

    Enscape is awesome!

    It can be even more awesome if we can get some additional Export Layers. So that some users if they choose to can really tweak the details and make our renderings pop with post processing in photoshop. Material ID, Depth, and Object ID is a good start, but I think it can use some more.

    Lets add Global Illumination, Direct Illumination, Shadows, Specular, reflection and refraction layers. This will give users more control if they choose to enhance the images in post production, like in Photoshop. There have been times where I wanted to enhance the reflected image of the sky in a window or reduce the shadows in a dark spot of a room, and it took a long time to do it because those render layers are not available. I know the main idea is to keep things fast and simple while using this renderer, so lets just make an additional checkbox so that this feature can be optional to turn on or off!

    Honestly if you do this, I think you would kill the competition (Vray) since your like 1000x faster then anything else I've ever used and that's the only function that I think is missing. You even have trees that move in the wind now!8)



  • Thank you, I've gladly forwarded your feedback! :)