Foodservice - Restaurant, Bar, Buffet, Commercial Kitchens

  • I work in foodservice design, i.e. commercial kitchens, bars, hotel buffets, indoor/outdoor dining, and would like to see more foodservice related assets. For example, we like to add liquor bottles to our back bar displays or other bottled beverages on tables, counters, servers trays, etc. I would love to see plated food, general food that could be added to hot/cold wells (buffets), packaged food for grab-n-go merchandisers, foodservice workers, diners (all types, including children). I realize this is a tall order, but if some of these items could be put into the works or a few items added when updates are available it would be much appreciated.

    P.S. Thank you for all the currently content it's been very helpful and useful!

  • Welcome to the forum and thank you for your great feedback mjennings . I've moved your thread into the Asset Library category in this Forum, so that our 3D Artists can better see your request. Let me know in case you have any other wishes, or any questions about Enscape in general. :)