Coloring bug?

  • I think it is more a Sketchup thing then a Enscape thing perhaps, but hopefully someone know the answer.

    I have had this issue with previous projects, at some point everything which I import or draw automatically becomes a material color. Even if I have selected for example WHITE, it turns in this case to a black color. Also when importing an asset, inside SU it has this black color instead of the default 'white default' color.

    Does anyone know what happened?

  • So the "default" color is just that, the default. It isn't explicitly white or black or any other color. My guess is at some point the default material has had its color changed, causing this result. This could have been done through the material dialogue, or it could be through the current style settings. Under the "Face Settings" section you can change the front and back color of faces for that style - which should then show up on any face that has the default material applied.

    Alternatively, perhaps you are in a group that has a material applied to the group? if you assign a material to a group as a whole (rather than going into the group and painting specific faces), it will make the default material for that group be whatever you painted - so in your case, some sort of black materal.

    Hope this helps.