Enscape 2.8 Causing Revit to Freeze after Save To Central

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  • Same. Syncing to BIM360 in Revit 2020 with Enscape 2.8 causes the program to freeze and has to be terminated through Task Manager. Rolling back to 2.7.2 will fix this issue for me.

  • Its very frustrating as we can't isolate the cause. some machines have it running fine. mine hangs up. Not sure what the difference is. I did try the previous 2.8 preview version it caused the same issue. I guess most people are using enscape locally and not on BIM360 projects or most people its working.

  • Ive just instaled enscape 2.7 for revit 2019. Is there some differences between 2020 and 2019. I mean should I install 2020 revit version , or makes no difference?

    (in order to better supporting to each other)

    Tnanx in advance.

  • I'm having the exact same issue. I installed Enscape 2.8 and now Revit 2020 Bim 360 freezes after every save to central. I downgraded back to the previous version of Enscape 2.7 and everything works fine now. Hopefully Enscape can fix this bug. I was enjoying the new features of 2.8.

  • Have you guys tried installing Autodesk Desktop Connecter? I've heard that that can fix some of the issues with Enscape 2.8 and bim360?

    I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Desktop Connector, updating it, etc. Still the same result with Enscape 2.8 crashing when syncing to BIM360 in Revit 2020.

  • Glad I finally found this thread. I thought I was loosing my mind trying to figure out what was causing the freeze. I assumed it was not Enscape because it happened a few times even with Enscape closed. But I am running the same setup: Revit 2019, Enscape 2.8, and BIM 360 hosted models. It started happening pretty soon after I installed the 2.8 preview build. But it wasn't immediate so I didn't think it was directly connected to Enscape. However, that was all that had changed on my system so I rolled back to the 2.8 standard version to see if that fixed it. And it has still been happening randomly since then. Rolling back to 2.7 seems to have fixed the issue for now. Hate to lose the new features, but can't afford to force quite and reopen the model 100 times a day after each sync.

  • I stumbled upon a workaround today and thought it may be useful, as it allows you to continue working after syncing. Once the BIM 360 sync dialog box goes away, click the Revit icon on your taskbar so it's active, then press enter. The sync dialog box should pop up and you can cancel to continue working. I hope this helps.

    I'm running the latest version of Enscape (2.8) with Revit 2020.

  • Here is a variant to what Dbisson mentioned above. That method did work for me, but only after these steps: Start a new session of REVIT, close it, go back to the original session. Then follow Dbisson instructions: tap icon in taskbar, hit enter (to a ghost window) and wait for sync to finish. Not sure why it is waiting to sync again after the sync that caused it to freeze up in the first place....

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    Thank you all very much for your reports as well as the feedback - this particular problem is already filed as a bug in our system, so we're onto resolving this behavior as soon as possible. I'll also forward all your feedback to the developers, thanks for taking the time to reply to this thread.

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    Same issue here, freeze after updating to 2.8

    Thanks! We're onto it. :)

  • Demian Gutberlet any updates on this yet?

    We have had lots of issues with 2.7.2 crashing Revit when trying to render from views created in Enscape and saved back to Revit. You guys told us to upgrade to 2.8 to solve the issue (which I tested and it does) but all our projects run in BIM360 so we can't chance that until this issue is resolved.

  • I have experienced the same thing, Revit does not freeze, but it's like an invisible prompt blocks the access to the UI.

    A temporary workaround for this, instead of ending the task and losing work:

    1. Make sure the Revit window is your active window (by Alt+Tab / selecting it in taskbar)

    2. Hold the Alt key to activate keyboard shortcuts in Revit, release Alt when numbers appear over the panel and quick access bar

    3. Press whatever number Synchronize has (default is 3)

    4. Press the Enter key to synchronize again.

    Doing this should break the "stuck" window.

    Hope this can help those who need the 2.8 for now.