Enscape 2.8 Causing Revit to Freeze after Save To Central

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    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

    I'm very afraid, there is no ETA just yet regarding when this will be resolved, we're still trying to figure out the cause behind this behavior - if there are any news soon I'll get back to you all.

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.

    I'm very afraid, there is no ETA just yet regarding when this will be resolved, we're still trying to figure out the cause behind this behavior - if there are any news soon I'll get back to you all.

    No worries.

    One solution for another user in my company was to uninstall Enscape, delete the AppData Roaming folder (e.g. C:\Users\ini\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Revit\Addins\2020\ -->Enscape folder), and then installing Enscape again.

    They had it working like normal again with

  • Just as a note here, and a request. We do not appear to have any Revit 2021 users having this issue at present, but if someone is, then please let us know.

    Also, if those of you who are having this issue can provide detailed minimum steps taken in order to experience this issue, such as:

    • Open the project from BIM360
    • Click on that button
    • Then I click on that other button
    • Then it freezes

    That would be a great help and much appreciated.

  • Pete Chamberlain - We are experiencing the issue in Revit 2020 at a minimum and we had one user that might have experienced it in 2019 (not positive it was the same issue though). We have not converted any of our projects over to Revit 2021 yet, so no data there yet. It only effects BIM360 projects, and the issue occurs as follows:

    1. Open BIM360 model.
    2. After working in the model for a short period of time, say 10+ minutes, the user syncs to central (BIM360).
    3. The sync successfully completes.
    4. The sync dialog box then disappears.
    5. Revit is then unresponsive to any mouse clicks, but it is not locked up as you can use alt+tab to re-activate the Revit window, then use alt + keyboard shortcuts to do things in Revit such as close it down.
    6. We have not found any way to get Revit to respond again to mouse clicks after this occurs, other than to close it down and re-open Revit, although others in this thread have suggested a few ideas that we have not tried yet.

    We are uncertain yet what the period of time required working in Revit is before the issue can occur, as it appears you can open the model and sync right away and it does not occur, although nothing has really changed in the model at that point. We have seen this issue occur with 3 users so far, all of whom have Enscape 2.8.x installed on their system. If you need more info, let me know.

  • I'm confused.

    This page

    Enscape 2.8.1 - Hotfix

    says the Revit bug won't be fixed until 2.9 (November)


    Known Issues

    The following bugs are seen as 'Known Issues' and will be addressed during the 2.9 Preview cycle:

    • BIM 360 Synchronization

    Revit versions other than Revit 2021 can freeze when synchronizing a BIM 360 project

    But the Release Notes for the 2.8.1 Hotfix Bug Fixes (link on the same page) say


    90046 Revit freezes when Synchronizing with Central with Enscape running with previous project

  • Dave - I can confirm that the Hotfix does not fix the issue. I'm still seeing the same behavior in Revit 2020.

  • @Vertech228

    You can get Revit to respond by using the ALT keys. Here is what I have found that will get the session back working.

    1. Make Revit the active window

    2. then press 'ALT' and release

    3. then press '3' and release

    4. with your mouse you should be able to select a sync option.

    5. Once the SYNC dialog opens, click CANCEL.

    You should now be able to access the model.

  • DaveP - Please read the Release Notes again for 2.8.1 Hotfix. It says it will be fixed within the 2.9 development cycle. That means (hopefully) before 2.9 official release. The developers are still having issues reproducing this.

    In regards to the bug #90046, I asked the developers to clarify this, and it is NOT the same issue as the one concerning BIM360.

    I hope that makes the position clearer. But to reiterate, BIM360 issue is a current Known Issue that is currently being looked at by the developers and in the meantime, you should use the various workarounds suggested here in this thread,

  • Has anyone else noticed this problem disappearing after the recent Hotfix that was pushed to Revit 2020? I keep expecting the lockup, but it doesn't happen and I think it may be connected to this Hotfix.

    Edit: to clarify, I'm referring to the Revit 2020.2 Hotfix coming from Autodesk.

  • Hi,

    We have had this problem with Revit freezing when syncing some of our BIM 360 models, for quite a while now. It started to appear when we started with a project on BIM 360 Teams and Revit 2017 a couple of years ago. But not for all of us and the problem appeared a little bit randomly. We haven't found any solution until now with the workaround but the problem hasn't been that big so we haven't put alot of effort to it. Anyone else that have had the problem with Revit Freeze when syncing to BIM 360 models prior to Enscape 2.8? I know that we have this problem in a large project that still uses Revit 2018. They will test the workaround to see if it will work for them.

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    will architect











    Magnus Jeppsson

    We have a promising fix that is currently being verified. If any of you would be willing to try out the fix on your machines and report back if the issue is now resolved, please PM me and I will then send you a download link.

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    We've just now released our 2.8.2 hotfix which resolves the BIM 360 related freeze.

    The issue itself is actually caused by an interplay of Revit, BIM 360 and our own code observing Revit's 3D views.

    It was therefore quite hard to find and we now added a workaround to prevent the BIM 360 sync from causing the freeze.

    Thank you all for your patience.

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    We still have users experiencing the problem after installing the 2.8.2 update. Is anyone else experiencing the problem after updating?

    I am sorry to hear about that - in that case it would be great to receive a feedback report:


    As this shouldn't occur anymore.