Lag in Enscape VW update

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    I updated Enscape to the most recent update for Vectorworks yesterday. I also updated my NVIDIA graphics card to the latest driver (NVIDIA Studio Driver 451.77) and checked my system/program settings to make sure they are configured correctly for Vectorworks. Since the update, I have been experiencing significant lags in performance. For example, when I open Enscape, it takes around 10-15 minutes to load the scene; whereas before it was loading almost instantly. I also notice that there is a huge amount of lag in the real time updates and syncing. It takes a long time for the render view to reflect any changes I make to the scene in Vectorworks. I understand that the complexity of the file I am working in plays into this lag, but did not think it would be this significant. The file is a 719,986 KB and has a lot of faceted, textured objects. I try to turn off as much as I can when I am not rendering them in my view. Once Enscape has loaded the geometry, it is very quick to move in the model through the Enscape window; however, once I change to a different view on Vectorworks, it takes a very long time to update the scene in Enscape. I am curious what advice/insight anyone might have into this. My file is becoming unworkable and time intensive to churn any views out.. Thanks!

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    cdorfi , I'm sorry to hear about that. This is definitely a case in which a feedback report would be great:…sing-the-feedback-button/

    Thank you in advance, you can simply add a link to this thread for reference in the submission form. :)

  • Im having the same issue, previous version worked fine, but didnt have the asset library which i want to use.

    Its churning up so much of my time and making deadlines tight, (i dont have the best graphic card, but still)

  • mark-g - if you have not done so already, can you please submit log files as Demian suggests above.

    Referencing this forum thread in the Feedback Form would be helpful also,