double section

  • I don't believe SketchUp supports multiple section planes being active at the same time...? Perhaps someone else can correct me if I'm wrong.

    I would say your best bet is to physically cut the model where you want the section taken, select all the stuff that should be hidden when the section is active, group it and hide it in that view - this will create the illusion of a section being active. You could then turn on another section (or do this process again) to make it look like there are two, simultaneous sections.

    Or maybe I'm wrong and SketchUp does support multiple sections, in which case the issue would be Enscape doesn't...but even if that's the case, my suggestion above would still be a viable solution.

  • yes sketchup support multiple cut you make the first cut and you make all model a groupe after you make the second but in render you have only one

    I'm afraid Enscape does currently not support multiple section cuts due to technical reasons - we only receive the geometry information from SketchUp itself for one cut, so we also cannot render exactly what you see in the SketchUp view port.