Slider can't be adjusted and some sky setup issues

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  • Hi,

    at a complex model I try to adjust the skybox intensity, but the sliders only extreme delayed react so it's very difficult to set a value. Could it be possible that the slider can be set without delay, also if Enscape need some time to precalculate the scene lighting? Maybe a small animated update icon could be added.

    Some other problems are:

    * if I switch off the skybox based sun, than the Rhino sun is used, but only if the Rhino sun control is touched. Enscape doesn't automatic refresh the internal setup without the Rhino sun parameter is adjusted.

    * I created a setup based on a low intensity skybox and used a high exposure brightness so that emitters are nice bright. Could it be possible to keep the brightness slider to control the Enscape horizons? It's needed to dim the horizon light.

    * If a skybox without "use brightest pont as sun direction" is used, than the Rhino sun is automatic added to lighting. (Also it's confusing since it influence the lighting of closed interiors.) OK, it helps to manual set a "night" sun position, but better would be to get a simple "use Rhino sun" flag option. So, the user could choose between one of both or no sun.

    * next problem - the sun brightness is to strong some times, a more sensitive control for the lower range could be fine

    * old problem - the visible sun intensity at the background environment isn't controlled by the sun brightness slider. So, it' s possible to set 0% sun light, but there is a bright sun at the sky visible.

  • Micha the bigger the size of the loaded skybox, the longer it takes to process the changes. And in the following we have to recalculate the lighting.

    • We'll check that
    • Horizons don't emit light as the sky and the sun are animated due Enscape.
    • So you would change the naming of the options?
      • What is confusing regarding the interior lighting in particular?
    • What is your definition of too strong? We calculate the sun intensity based on the geo location of the model.
      • What would be a more sensitive control? You can change the slider with your arrow keys.
    • If you look into the sky on cloudy day, you recognize the sun as still very bright spot. That's why the sun is working the same with or without skybox.
      But you're right as the environment of a skybox is not lighted from the sun as they emit light on their own.
  • (1) slider issue - I found it's only some times that the slider is waiting for the update of the scene. So, it's a difficult to catch bug. If the bug is active than the slider freeze until the scene is recalculated and starts to recalculate if the slider is started to move. I will observe it what cause this behavior.

    (2) sun switch Enscape-Rhino: you understand me. Thanks to look on it.

    (3) I feel you don't understand my problem. I will try to keep it simple. It could be great to get an intensity control for the horizon system. If I switch from a low light skybox to the horizon system than I would need to readjust all emitters and lights at the scene since the horizons are so bright.

    (4) skybox and sun issues:

    - "So you would change the naming of the options?" No, I mean an option to enable/disable the Rhino sun is needed for the skybox mode.

    - "What is confusing regarding the interior lighting in particular?" You can work on a closed interior (no doors/windows like a shop in a big ware house) and the sun&sky system sends light in the scene. But a closed room should stay dark.

    (5) sun slider sensitivity - maybe the slider could be nonlinear, so that it can be better fine adjust at the low intensity range. Often I got at 1% sun intensity to much light at my interior (for example because I set a high camera brightness for the interior shot) and I can't set it lower, because the next slider position is 0% off. Thank you for the hint to arrow keys, it helped, since it allow the adjust between 0% and 1%. But maybe a non linear slider could be added for more intuitive usage.

    (6) visibility of the sun - if I use a cloudy skybox with a very low sun intensity than at the real world I would see the sun dimmed to a white disk only, but at Enscape it stay 100% bright with strong lens flare. For example I had a scene, the sun shadows was nearly gone, because the sun intensity was low, but at the background was a bright strong sun .... (some tests later) ... I found in detail we have two other bugs (a) the Bloom effect is constant independent from the sun intensity and (b) the sun never appears from the sky, also not at 0%. So, I got a strong sun bloom, also at 0%.

    Attached three examples: quite good lowest sun (per arrow keys now) + sun at 0% + sun at 0% with buggy bloom

  • I agree that the sun glare could be improved. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on that - we will see what we can do.