Enscape Crashes to Desktop since I updated to version 2.8

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  • Hi!

    Is Enscape not compatible with Sketchup 2017 make anymore? It only says 2018 and up on the website, but it says 2016 and up on the instaler .exe.

    I crash to desktop with either an error message or it may CTD without warning after about a few minutes of use. Especially when I try to update textures with the paint bucket tool.

    Im running

    Boxx Technologies GoBoxx G2985

    Windows 10

    Intel Core i7-7700K @ 4.2 GHZ

    Nvidia GTX 1080 8GB

    64GB Ram

    Attached are all the Logs for the day



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    Dez01 , I'm afraid SketchUp 2017 is not supported anymore - you could use a previous release of Enscape, but we cannot offer official support for your current version with Enscape 2.8 anymore. Is there any chance you could upgrade to 2018 or any later release? :)

  • Ah ok, well that's a disappointment. I got a glimmer of hope when I downloaded the installer file and it said compatible with SketchUp versions 2016-2020. Ill have to keep using 2.7 for now, at least until my wallet says its ok to get Sketchup 2020. My wallet is the boss and it makes all the decisions! ;( Thanks for the reply!

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    Dez01 , thanks for your reply as well! In this regard, also be so very kind as to send in a feedback report:


    Perhaps your graphics card drivers are outdated, or this crash is caused by something else, not related to SketchUp. Even if you've installed 2.7 again, we'll get the logs from 2.8 too, so thank you in advance too! Let me know once you've submitted it and include a link this thread in the submission form for reference.