Bump and displacement

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  • Hi!

    I'm in throuble with displacement and bump map.

    Using the early preview release, I did it in roofing that was working very well. At the moment I'm unable to get the same result.

    Of course I've tried to get it in many way but I'm still disappointed.

    So, here is the file...

    Thak you



  • Hi Toscano,

    i think some of those intelligent parametric Shaders we use in Vectorworks are not(yet?) compatible with Enscape. Thinks like Transparency Shaders eg. Glas works well in the meantime from my experience(2.8). Cause of that i often create bump maps for my textures in photoshop by myself and load it in as map entead of using the shaders included in VWX to get it appear in Enscape.

    But maybe some of the Enscape Stuff can clear thing up a bit at this point.