Enscape rendering very slow

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  • Hello,

    I have noticed since the last update (2.8.0) that rendering takes much longer now. Specially when rendering panoramas (for cardboard). It now seems to take me what I estimate about 20 minutes to render, where as before it took less than 10 minutes. (Also estimate).

    This only started since the last update, and since I just replied to somebody about moving vegetation in the wind, I'm suddenly wondering, is this maybe what's causing it? As that would explain it. However, if that is the cause, it should not be necessary to have wind having an effect when rendering anything other than videos or doing VR as standalone etc. Or what? My guess is the leafs might be changing frames as each frame is being rendered? Which to me would not make sense for a panorama. Other than that I don't know. Just know it takes very much longer now to render compared to before the update. So I thought I would ask.


  • Hi Hume

    thanks for your report! We'll investigate that now. Are there a lot of light sources in your scene?

    Not too many. I am working with a client doing a room at a time with what they want in it. So far It is just a lounge, undercover patio and a hallway that has lights. And obviously the sunlight. Mind you, this client use many strip lights, if I can put it like that. Which make the light sources in each room a bit more heavy than usual. I just use the Enscape Linear lights to emulate this. Which works great for it. I just wish you could pull the linear light out further, as it does not always go far enough, so I'd have to use two to make up for the length. Otherwise I suppose I could just use a material and let it glow, which I do too, but those lights gives a nicer effect wherever it makes more sense using them compared to glowing material.

    But for what it's worth, shadows in each area seem to go mostly one direction, obviously in relation to where the lights are, and not all over the place, which would make rendering more tedious, not to mention look unrealistic. I will keep up to date as I go along and notice anything, just for now I've noticed a huge difference in render speed when putting wind to 0%. Which should make complete sense, if it was for video though.