What is a good graphics card?

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  • I upgraded my monitors to 2 27" 4k monitors, and I have one 55" 4k tv attached to my computer. I currently have a NVIDIA Quadro P4000 and Enscape is running very choppy. Can anyone suggest what graphics card would work the best for this to have Enscape run smoothly again?

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    guliker , lots of great graphics cards out there which will offer you improved performance compared to the Quadro P4000. If budget allows it, I'd recommended the RTX 2080 Ti Super. ;) But, this is basically THE high end card offered by NVIDIA just a bit behind the Titan, which is a lot more expensive though.

    A step below would be the RTX 2080 Super, or 2070 Super. If they're too expensive still, then the RTX 2060 Super, but keep in mind that you'll "only" have about 20-30% performance gain with that card, at leas judging by benchmarks like these.

    And, feel free to also check out our system requirements if you haven't already: