A critical Bug in Enscape 2.8

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  • After upgrading there has been serious lagg caused by generating transactions for 3d views everytime we open the model or do some tasks like in-place massing.

    I downgraded to previous version and everything went back to normal. This is a serious flaw and sadly, we won't be able to use this version of Enscape.

  • Having the same issue with the 2.8 release on Revit 2019.2. Save to Central completes then starts regenerating 3d views even when none are open. On large models takes some time to complete.

    Have rolled back to 2.7.2 release with no issues.

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    Hi Voxel and IanE_MSJ , I'm sorry to hear about that. Can you please both first off send in a feedback report each:


    In the submission form, simply include a link to this thread for reference (or add "To Demian" in the title). Also, if you have any further details what so ever when it comes to this problem, anything you can think of you're now doing differently compared to 2.7.2, or in case you've upgraded your version of Revit for example, please also let me know. These details could be important for troubleshooting the cause behind this.

  • Hello team!

    There is the following issues in 2.8:

    After last windows 10 update few days ago (not necessary due to) no sky and clouds appear in a view. Before the windows' update I saw a sky and any type of preset background. Now only blank background

    The button to create an issue is really bothering. Instead of orbiting round it pops up every time you click the mouse right button and if just you hold it properly then the orbit function start to work. Very uneasy).

    Looks like the latest release is more demanding in consuming video card resources. A prolapse in actions is noticeable.

    Need to roll back to previous version for a while. Hope for good news) :P