Add different types of fire to the Lighting Asset Category

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  • Hello Enscape Team,

    It would be very helpful to have some different options for "fires" as a light source / light asset under the Lighting Asset Category.

    It would be great to have a "log fire" asset that provided realistic lighting qualities for that type of fire as well as "linear modern fire place" asset and an "open flame" asset.

    Would this be possible? I've created my own custom fire families in Revit that act as light sources but it would be great to see this as a part of Enscape (TwinMotion has fire options and you don't want to be out-done by those Turkeys, right?). I suppose the fire could also be animated in a similar way to how the grass in 2.8 is animated.

    Let me know your thoughts.



    • Official Post

    MNichols , thanks for your requests! Our 3D Artists will see it to consider implementing something like this in the future, since we're gonna support animated textures soon, we would want to probably do that first and then look into animated Assets like fire as a really good example. :)