• Hello, i used to use an app called "opacity.exe", now, a colleague of mine, tell me that enscape window is not longer compatible, i mean, the enscape window is not compatible with opacity. We some time use this for making photomontage:…ransparency-in-windows-7/

    Right now, is it possible to do this with enscape? perhaps it would be possible that enscape allowed to add the flat and static background image to be able to do this from the same software?

    since we have lost the option of making the window transparent with opacity, now it would be very useful for us :)

    [Blocked Image:]

  • LiTeL , thanks a lot for your feedback.

    At the moment, there is only a way to add a dedicated whole skybox to your scene, but, perhaps you then simply want to create a large plane surface to which you can of course apply any texture you like - from there on you could use the top-down view again as well. Hopefully this workaround would be useful to you - if it is not, please also let me know and I'll forward that as further feedback in form of a feature request.