VR headsert Vive Pro Wireless - does it work now

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  • Wasn't sure where to post this as its very generic and multi software.
    Just wanted to ask if the HTC Vive Pro Wireless kit was okay to use with Revit and Sketchup (enscape of course) with no issues?

    Some users had flagged issues with the wireless kit.

    Some other concerns

    • Is there any performance difference to wired and wireless people have found?
    • effective range of wireless for a room based walthrough

    thanks in advance for your feedback...

    • Official Post

    Just adding our own feedback here, that the Wireless setup works fine on HTC Vive Pro with no issues compared to wired setup.

    That is fantastic to hear - we did receive some reports back then that there have been performance problems, glad to hear it's working out as it should now. Can you let me know which GPU you have available in your (VR) machine?