How to render a huge mass of files?

  • Hello there guys,

    I've ~ 20k different Sketchup files which I need to take a picture from Enscape3d. The objects are all set and the cameras are set as well.

    Is there any automated solution for this? Any tips that I could google for?


  • sfigs , welcome to our forum. :)

    There should be some form of automation through macros and such, I'm not aware of any such software at the moment, but what you'd need is something that opens the file, executes the render image button somehow, but if this will even be entirely possible, I'm not sure. Perhaps someone else can chime in, I'll also research this topic a bit further and let you know if I find something.

    In any case, perhaps it's helpful for you to know that you can activate "Automatic Naming" then you won't get a prompt when hitting the "Render Screenshot" button, and it saves to the folder of your choice.