Create Scenes from the Enscape Render Window

  • I was wondering if there was a way to create scenes while moving around in the enscape render window? I struggle to pan around within sketchup to create my start and stop locations for my video. I run into walls and the camera is zoomed in way too much. So half of the close up materials get cut off. When I maneuver around in the enscape window I am able to fly through walls and create more efficient start and stop locations. But I am not able to relay or burn the images back into sketchup. WIthout this option then it is impossible to make revisions and adjustments since you would have to re-create all of these start and stop positions. I hope this all makes sense.



  • Yes, simply navigate in Enscape to 1st view and click green arrow in toolbar then go to end view and click red arrow in toolbar Viola! you created a camera path. Oh wait, you want Enscape views in SU, not possible, sorry.

  • Thank you for the response. You got me excited for a second. Yes I wish that we could create sketchup scenes in enscape. Put it on the wishlist.