Create Scenes from the Enscape Render Window

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  • I was wondering if there was a way to create scenes while moving around in the enscape render window? I struggle to pan around within sketchup to create my start and stop locations for my video. I run into walls and the camera is zoomed in way too much. So half of the close up materials get cut off. When I maneuver around in the enscape window I am able to fly through walls and create more efficient start and stop locations. But I am not able to relay or burn the images back into sketchup. WIthout this option then it is impossible to make revisions and adjustments since you would have to re-create all of these start and stop positions. I hope this all makes sense.



  • Yes, simply navigate in Enscape to 1st view and click green arrow in toolbar then go to end view and click red arrow in toolbar Viola! you created a camera path. Oh wait, you want Enscape views in SU, not possible, sorry.

  • Solo  ball4872 Thank you for your feedback. The topic got your upvote.

  • put us down for a create a sketchup scene from inside the enscape window, especially in vr mode and the viewpoint changes.

    At the moment, its almost a two person job to select the view in vr with one person. other person selects create scene in sketchup.

    completely understand this could be a limitation of reverse communication with sketchup.

  • So it is not possible to render the SketchUp scenes in Enscape? That way we could have animations with constructionss growing up from ground (Using sections in SU) and objects popping up or disappear within animations (hide/unhide or levels on/off in SU)

  • Individual scenes in SU will come into Enscape with no problem; position, lighting, layer visibility, etc... but there is no animation between them* unless you make each scene a keyframe within Enscape. (**) This is a bit more work and will have to be saved/loaded independently of the model.

    (*Other than the fading in/out)

    Section/Cut planes work slightly differently: You can only have section planes in native geometry (Won't work if they are within a group/component). If you 'favorite' scenes, the cut-planes won't activate/deactivate - it always takes the current cut-plane info from the active SU window.

    Unless you turn on Synchronize views from the toolbar and navigate through the model by selecting scenes from within SU. (Nested cuts still don't show)

    (** There is a feature request to make scenes, keyframes and panoramas all interchangeable - which would make this sooo much easier. ;) }