How can I send a private/direct message to someone?

  • If you want to send someone here in the Forums a direct or private message, you can do so by hovering over the username itself and then simply click the little speech bubble icon:

    Alternatively, you can also click on the name itself followed by a click on the user icon to then select the "Create Conversation" menu point:

  • Code
    1. Hi,
    2. Thanks Demian
    3. Important information
    4. A query:
    5. Pardon my ignorance
    6. 1- Is there a post where I explain how to write directly ?, that is read continuously, without those Spoiler or Code windows
    7. 2- Is there a post where I explain how to share images? sometimes directly it doesn't work
    8. thanks for your support
  • le graf , I'm a little bit confused as to why it looks like that, you simply have to write down a message but not click on any buttons of the text editing interface just above the text itself.

    Right now it looks like you're making use of the code button? You don't have to do that. :)

    If that doesn't explain, it can you send me a screenshot of your answer message interface?

    Furthermore, if you want to share an image, simply upload it via the "Attachments" tab below your message, and then insert it either as a full image or a thumbnail which you can click on to open the image as a whole.

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