Is it my graphics card?

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  • Hi all,

    I'm currently rocking a RTX2070 8gb but my models are becoming increasingly complex and today I think I tipped over the graphics card capabilities.

    I do everything I can to minimise my models weight; anything I download I VERY carefully reprocess to remove any unnecessary geometry/materials etc before I use it but now that I'm doing a lot of interiors the complexity/model size have gone through the roof.

    I 'think' its the 8Gb on the 2070 that I'm running into so what I'm asking is "what Nvidia card would be better?" I know we can get 12Gb in the GeForce series but what about the Quadros? I've normally dismissed them as being unnecessary for SketchUp/Enscape but maybe I wrong, maybe a Quadro is what I need .... Maybe its not


    Current PCSpec: Intel i9-9900k, RTX2070, 32GB DDR4-3200

    Detailed Spec:

  • Thanks, I got round my problems by cutting the model into 2 and doing selective renderings in each, this is only a stopgap solution as now I know I can run out of memory I’m sure I’ll do it again.

    I’ll wait on the 3000 series as you say and see what they offer.

  • The size/resolution of materials should always be adressed in order to keep your projects as light and responsive as possible plus to avoid file size bloat. Only materials that are viewed up close need to be full/high resolution, almost everything else can be used in a lower resolution. Purge all unused items and materials (by either using the built in SKP feature or extensions such as CleanUp³), then run the SKP extension Material Resizer to resize all that's left down to a reasonable size.…c9716111/material-resizer

    Made a quick test sample with 10 high res textures resized to a resonable resolution - 70 percent less VRAM consumption are a rather drastic result.


    Be aware: Using this tool resets the color hues/lightness of the textures so if you've made any color adjustments to textures in Sketchup you will need to re-adjust them afterwards.

    Let me know if this helps.

  • Normally my models are quite small as I (boastfully) pride myself on efficent modeling but .... now we're doing more and more realistic interiors my file sizes have gone through the roof, I cant even get away with furnishing just a corner of a room for a still as all my interiors are for 360 pano tours.

    1 nice realistic sofa can be 3x the size of a whole house ...aggghh

    Materials wise I think I have got a few that are over size (probably more than a few), I'll have a play, thanks.