Latest version and issue with Active X Plugins

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  • I am using Sketchup 2019 Pro and I recently downloaded the latest release. What I am experiencing is that the Instant-Script series from Vali Architects is seemingly getting blocked from being functional by Enscape. It stumped me for an entire day on why the scripts were getting blocked, and by sheer mistake I had uninstalled Enscape, rebooted Sketchup, and the scripts are running appropriately. Reinstalled Enscape and it goes back to gatekeeping ActiveX scripts. The problem results a message at the top of the scripts information that the script is potentially harmful and needs access. But it's directly being inflicted by Enscape.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I though it was IE11, but after pretty much disabling every single option you possibly can with Active X, the scripts were still being blocked.

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    Please refer to this thread here:

    Enscape installation causes sketchup plugins to display a security warning

    We're onto it to resolve this behavior as soon as possible.