Asset Library - Copy Asset ID

  • We are in a similar position to snowyweston's request below which I've linked. We use a much nicer Revit family for documentation than what comes with Enscape assets, but want to swap out that family when we run Enscape with a much nicer Enscape asset. Essentially, we want the best of both worlds. :thumbsup:

    In the screenshot below, I would want a Copy Asset GUID which would copy that to the clipboard. Then I could easily paste that over to a Revit Family that sits in our library. Currently, you have to place the family inside of a project to get its GUID value. So, when working in the library and you think to yourself, "I would love to map this to an Enscape Asset". You have to start a project, place the asset, then Edit Type, then copy the value; all to get the GUID.

    Also, it would be great to know if Enscape will continue to utilize replacing the Revit asset with Enscape Asset by searching out by the Parameter Name in Revit (i.e. "EnscapeAssetId") or in the long term searching by a specific parameter Guid value: i.e. Parameter par = family.get_Parameter(new Guid("639ad45a-02b1-426b-b6d2-e9743b9f7692"));


    Asset list (AssetID & NativeHeight)

  • Thank you for your inquiry kraftwerk15 , I have gladly filed and forwarded this as a feature request for our developers to see. :) At least for now there are no plans to change this system, but I will also forward your wish to have this adjusted in the future. Thank you so much!