Bad Stitching for 360 VR Panoramas

  • Hello, I have been having this problem using the lastest Enscape version as well as 2.7, where the stitching for 360 VR renderings is very jagged towards the bottom or top of the images, I attach example.

    This is specially visible when viewing the renderings using VR.

  • jmartinez

    Changed the title of the thread from “Warped 360 VR Panoramas” to “Bad Stitching for 360 VR Panoramas”.
  • jmartinez , thanks for your feedback. :)

    At least at the moment this behavior is to be expected - but, I'll discuss internally if we can improve this further in the future. These "stitches" can be more or less evident in Stereo Panoramas, depending on the project. We put together a lot of renderings so to speak to make up the final panorama, sometimes these artifacts can then occur. But as mentioned, I'll further discuss and get back to you should I have any news soon.

  • Thanks!. We really love Enscape from the limited time we have been using it, and have learned to "ignore" this problem since we mainly use these in house and for limited client showcase. But we want to be able to have these 360 renderings in our webpage and we will be offering 360 renderings as a service soon and we would not be able to deliver something like this to paying customers.

    I hope it won't be hard to fix, maybe changing the stitching parameters or something along the lines. Also maybe being able to create cubemaps instead would make this easier to overcome.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • We’re using 3DVista to make the tours, it’s simple but quite powerful, I’m only scratching the surface at the mo.

    My next tour should be much better, it’s a 13 house development with 2 of them fully fitted out, I’m guessing it’ll be about 50ish panos in the end.