Axonometric / Orthographic views synced from Archicad views?

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  • Hi,

    At…ect_view/#create_archicad it says:

    Open a project in ArchiCAD and make sure you have a 3D View open (Perspective or Axonometry). Enable the Live Update and Synchronize Views in Enscape and position your view position in either the ArchiCAD or Enscape window.

    Does this mean Enscape should open in Orthographic mode if I open an Axonometry view in Archicad (using Synchronize Views)? This would be very handy, as now we have to separately switch to Orthographic mode in Enscape when producing rendered projections such as elevations. Doesn't seem to work this way, tried it but Enscape opens in Perspective still.

  • mmlahti - No, this will not work at present, but is a valid Feature Request, which I have now created in our developer agenda.

    So, your only option for now is to switch to Otthographic mode in Enscape and use the NumPad keys to set the elevation.