green trees changed

  • Did something change between Enscape 2.7 and 2.8, or did the library assets get adjusted? Sure would be nice to have control over asset colors...

    (image with the more saturated trees is rendered in April with 2.7, image with washed out green is rendered today. Some lighting adjustments are a little bit different, but not enough to cause such a significant saturation difference.)

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    andybot , we've received multiple complaints, that the current trees would be too green and over-saturated, I'll gladly forward your wish to be able to adjust the color of our Assets in general. I hope that the new color will not be off-putting too much - if you wish, I'll also let our developers know that there is further demand to have the old color back, although in that regard it would probably make more sense to allow (and wait) for a functionality to adjust the color of basically any Asset.

  • This brings up another point. If the assets that were placed and rendered at one point in time get changed by you all, that breaks my ability to render consistent images. In this example above - I made some changes to the background site model, but everything else was supposed to stay the same. Now my renders don't look the same because of the de-saturated trees. (I tweaked the lighting a bit - but if I had used the same settings as before - the trees would be the only difference besides the minor model changes.)

    My stop-gap request:

    Would there be a way to time-stamp the placement of the assets so that the right version of them gets loaded when Enscape calls them up from your server? (As a work-around until such a time when we can customize asset colors.)

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    Thanks for your replies! andybot , others have already stated that it can be off-putting if we replace Assets without some kind of "warning" - I'll also forward your feedback, but be aware that since our Library is online based, it will not make a difference if you revert to an older version.

    Your stop-gap request will also be forwarded, thanks. :)